FBG strain gauge meet up (online)


Here we hold a meet up to share skills and tips for fiber Bragg grating (FBG) as a strain gauge.

FBG is an optical fiber with Bragg grating at the core, which is known to work as a high-resolution strain gauge. It is being used for non-destructive testing, preventing disasters of large buildings, and aircrafts. Recently, FBG is becoming popular in material science experiments under extreme conditions such as low temperature, high pressure and high magnetic fields. Also in ISSP UTokyo, several progresses are made such as a high-speed 100 MHz detection, strain measurement beyond 500 T, 2ch measurement and high-resolution measuement with millisecond pulse magnets.

In material science, it really varies what to measure, and in what condition, resulting in many successful cases and many failures whose origins are not always clear. The required range, precision, rapidity, durability for the strain sensing depend on cases. Accordingly, proper ways of optical detection and gluing method also depend. To solve the problems, one needs many-sided thinkings and practices, which are well beyond a reach of a group alone. Especially, one cannot test all the gluing scheme, which is not well described in scientific papers.

Here in the meet up, we hope to share the art of using FBG as follows across research ares like material science and non-destructive testing, in order to get hints to solve your problem and make things clear in your daily usage of strain gauges. A tip of someone may quickly resolve an issue of others. One may get a wider insight into the use of FBG.

  • Your goal of measurement and the requirements for it. (precision, speed, durability, ease of use etc...)
  • Optical detection scheme
  • Gluing methods
  • To what extent you accomplished, and your remaining problems.
We also wellcome users of other strain gauges with resistive, capacitive and x-ray based ones, and also ultrasound techniques. We are waiting for your participation !


Feb. 22, 2021
16:00 - (UTC+9)
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    Useful information
    16:00 Japan (UTC+9) = 8:00 Germany (UTC+1) = 0:00 Los Alamos (UTC-7)

    16:00-16:05 (UTC+9)
    A. Ikeda (ISSP U. Tokyo)

    Session 1 (Chair: A. Miyake, ISSP U. Tokyo)

    M. Jaime (Los Alamos NHMFL)
      "Strain-lag and other FBG challenges in pulsed field dilatometry of small samples."

    R. Schoenemann (Los Alamos NHMFL)
      "FBG measurement techniques at the MAGLAB"

    S. Thomas (Los Alamos NHMFL)
      "FBG measurements under hydrostatic pressure"

    S. Yonezawa (Kyoto Univ.)
      "Multi-axial strain measurement of SrTiO3 and SrxBi2Se3"

    R. Taniguchi (Kyoto Univ.)
      "Development of FBG based multi-axial strain measurement"

    10 min for break & free discussion

    Session 2 (Chair: S. Yonezawa, Kyoto U.)

    Fengming Yu (Inst. Industrial Sci. UTokyo)
      "Development of a FBG-based heat-resistant laser ultrasonic visualization system"

    A. Ikeda (ISSP UTokyo)
      "Strain measurements at beyond 500 T in ISSP"

    M. Gen (ISSP UTokyo)
      "Using FBG strain gauge in millisecond pulsed magnetic field in ISSP"

    Y. Ishii (ISSP UTokyo)
      "Magnetostriction in ultra-high magnetic field of S = 3/2 breathing kagome antiferromagnet Li2Cr3SbO8"

    10 min for break & free discussion

    Session 3 (Chair: O. Saito, IIS U. Tokyo)

    T. Imasaki (cmiws)
      "Recent FBG interrogator and important points"

    F. Honda (IMR Tohoku Univ.)
      "Dilatometry and strain measurements using resistive strain gauge"

    A. Miyake (ISSP UTokyo)
      "Capacitance bridge method for magnetostriction measurement"

    A. Miyata (HLD HZDR)
      "Magnetostriction measurements in Dresden high magnetic field lab."

    A. Ikeda (ISSP U. Tokyo)

One have 15 min including discussion.
Tips and technical exchange are the priority. Not a serious scientific workshop.

Want to have a talk?
Contact ikeda -at- issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp (A. Ikeda, MegaGauss ISSP UTokyo)