Yasuhiro H. Matsuda's Group

Yasuhiro H. Matsuda's Research Group : The International MegaGauss Science Laboratory, The Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo , Since 2008. 8. 1

  We aim to discover new exciting phenomena in extremely high magnetic fields
  exceeding 100 T. We also proceed with the research of the synchrotron x-ray
  spectroscopy in high magnetic fields.

◆ The 44th C-building's day will be held on 13th (Fri.) of January 2023.
What's the C-building's day?

  Graduate students belong to The Department of Advanced Material Science, The Graduate School Frontier Science, The University of Tokyo .

  Matsuda's mobile phone in the laboratory 080-4937-2595.
(The number has been changed.)

  2023.1.5 Yasuhiro H. Matsuda

The sky of Kashiwa City (2022.6.26)




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